Quote of the Day: Gaylord Nelson on Earth Day


Notwithstanding their Screw Earth Day campaign, Grist has the grace to publish posts like this one by Bill Christofferson, entitled Screw Earth Day? Not so Fast. He quotes Earth Day founder, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson.

Our goal is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all human beings and all other creatures—an environment without ugliness, without poverty, without discrimination, without hunger and without war. Our goal is a decent environment in its deepest and broadest sense.

Nelson had some other interesting things to say, like this about greenwashing:

"Greenwashing is not all bad; in fact, it's a generally positive development. It shows that even the bad guys want to look green to the public. It is a true public relations success, when even your worst opponents claim to share your environmental concerns."

And as to why should continue to observe Earth Day? At age 89, still going to work, he said:

"Our work's not finished. There's a lot more to be done."

Words to remember, and hugs to Grist for Screw Earth Day? Not so fast


Jasmin wrote a post No Kidding, One in Three Children Fear Earth Apocalypse that was picked up by the Drudge Report. Read the comments and you will quickly see just how much work has to be done.

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