Quote of the Day: Chris Jordan on Greener Gadgets


The problem with the green movement is that there's a hesitation happening right now. It has trouble reaching critical mass. It's stalling because everyone's waiting for everyone else to do something. ...

We can't wait another generation; we can't wait another 10 years. And I can tell you why the green movement isn't cool yet. Michael Jordan changed the face of basketball fashion overnight when he showed up to the game wearing baggy shorts ... He had a 1-800 number to the minds of tens of thousands of young people. The green movement doesn't have a Michael Jordan.Paul Hawken, Al Gore, Bill McKibben—I mean I love these guys to death but they're just not cool like Michael Jordan.

But you know what's cool? Consumer electronics. When new cell phones come out, every year they're twice as cool. Cooler than any sci-fi writer could ever imagine. They're the bowsprit in front of the ship, going into the waves of consumer culture. When electronics show that sustainable is officially the new America cool, then the sprint will begin. The hesitation will end in a snap.

I feel it in my bones that 2008 is the year."

—Artist Chris Jordan in his opening keynote speech at the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City, Feb. 1, 2008