Quote of the Day: Chris Hume on Earth Hour

even delerious Dubai turned out the lights. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Chris Hume is the Toronto Star's architecture critic, and writes about the impact of Earth Hour, speaking of Canada but the message is universal:

"Across Canada, power use was down 5 per cent. That's good, but far from spectacular. And if the message is that we must treat every hour as Earth Hour, it seems we still haven't worked up the sense of urgency necessary for the big changes ahead....

But it's crucial not to confuse the gesture with the thing itself, the symbol for the reality. Even if Earth Hour had seen every light in Toronto dimmed, the fact remains it's not a solution to the environmental problems we face, not by a long shot.

What will be so hard for Canadians to accept is the realization that technology can't save us this time. Instead, we will have to come to terms with our vehicular dependency, our oil addiction and all the rest. What will happen when the power goes off next time, not just for lights, but refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, or TVs?" ::The Star