Quick Tips for Green Moving


Any TreeHugger who tackles the task of moving knows there are few other activities that force you to come face to face with all of your stuff. It can be an inopportune time to consider it all, too, since you're busy with packing and organizing, deciding what goes and what stays, and it can be easy to just start pitching it instead of recycling, donating, composting or otherwise relieving yourself of stuff without sending it to the landfill. One solution, of course, is to keep less stuff around (and it's a pretty good philosophy) but by the time you're packing boxes, it's too late for that. So, what strategies does a good TreeHugger employ when picking up stakes and moving without dumping everything in the trash? Anna Shepard, who writes the Eco-Worrier column in Body & Soul, has a few tips, which, though they make lots of sense, are easy to miss or simply not do. Among her top five are ideas like give yourself enough time, hoard your own bubblewrap, cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and other materials instead of buying up virgin materials, and plan out removing stuff that has to go (or hire someone who's a pro) so you make as few trips as possible. Read the full article for more details on her saga of moving, and leave any other thoughtful tips for a green move in the comments section below. ::Eco Worrier via ::Hugg (janegething)

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