Quick Quiz: Which Bottled Water has a bigger Carbon Footprint?


Marketing website PSFK asked what we thought of this bottled Tasmanian rainwater being shipped all over the world. No peeking at the answer below the fold, we are watching.


All bottled waters are problematic and unneccesary, and obviously the further it travels the worse it is, but what really matters is how things travel. as you can see from the chart, listing the distance a gallon of fuel will move a ton of goods, a ship (we could not find the exact number for a modern container ship but suspect that it is even better than a barge) goes almost seven and a half times as far on a gallon of fuel than a truck.

A ton of tasmanian rainwater travelling 7938 miles by ship uses 15.44 gallons of fuel and emits 342.77 pounds of CO2;

A ton of Poland Springs going by truck travelling 1141 miles from Maine to Chicago uses 16.54 gallons and emits 367.19 pounds of CO2.;

A ton of Evian going from Lake Geneva to Edinburgh by truck uses 15.77 gallons and emits 350.09 pounds of CO2.

This is is a simplistic view and does not take into account the energy used in pumping or making the bottles or getting around in the cities, but it it is probably a good rough guide. In the end they all suck about equally- drink tap or if you must, buy local. Chicago loses doubly, because it has good tap water from the Great Lakes.