Quick Quiz: The 6° of Energy Efficiency Challenge

John recently posted about the Alliance to Save Energy, a group set up by radical environmental groups like Dow Chemical and the American Gas Association. The 6° of Energy Efficiency Challenge asks a number of questions, which we will shamelessly steal repeat here to encourage you to go to their site and take the whole quiz. Answer to this question below the fold.

The Correct Answer is:
B: Uses about one-third the energy of a comparable incandescent bulb and lasts up to 10 times longer.

CFLs not only cost much less to use and last much longer but also "burn cooler" so they reduce your air conditioning cooling load in the summer. If every U.S. household replaced just ONE traditional light with an energy-efficient bulb we would save $600 million in utility bills, according to the Alliance to Save Energy's Power$mart: The Power is in Your Hands booklet.