Quick Quiz: How Much Water Do You Use Per Day?

Stillsuits are not yet the latest fashion accessory in Phoenix, but we do have a water problem in much of the country, either through lousy planning, massive development or crumbling infrastructure. Water use in America per capita has declined a bit over the last few years, but is still pretty high. How much water do you think that the average American consumes for personal use, in gallons, per day? Red herring- the total water use per person per day is 1620 gallons.

Note that the numbers vary per city due to use of sprinklers and number of golf clubs, and that the data are a few years old, but the correct answer is 184 nation-wide. Other more recent studies have placed it closer to 150 gallons per person per day. If you live in Paradise Valley, Arizona, you are using up eight times as much water as the average. Here is a calculator where you can figure out your own water footprint.