Q&A.; Tell Greenpeace Where To Park It!

Here’s a little conundrum. How does a not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation ‘walk its talk’ when, as always, money is tight. Maybe Treehugger readers have some suggestions. Because Greenpeace Australia are on the seek. Amber writes: So as I mentioned, I'm researching new office chair options. Just to see what is out there, I reckon all will be too exy [expensive] for us, and we'll have to continue with the 2nd hand option. We just seem to have had a bad run of 2nd hand chairs lately. Below is the list of sources of sustainable chairs that I know of, have you heard of anyone else?. Amber’s list (see below) reads like it could be a Treehugger Top Five of office chairs. Schamburg and Alvisse,
Herman Miller,
Wharington International,
Wilkhahn, who, to our shame we’ve yet to have on TH. It's their Picto above.

We’ll start the ball rolling with Formway of New Zealand, whose Life Chair contains 65% recycled materials and is 90% recyclable.


Or from that other land of fjords comes Norway's ergonomic Capisco by Hag, which has its seat formed with recycled plastic car bumper bars and ketchup bottles. Apparently they rescue 200 tons of plastic from landfill each year.

What other worthy contenders are you aware of? (And the Aeron doesn't count, OK, because GP already know about Herman Miller.)