Q&A.; Non-Nasty Snowboard Waxes?

Q. Hi, I just wanted to know what you use to clean the base of your snowboard as most of the cleaners that I found seem to be full of nasty chemicals and I'd really like to use a less harmful product on my stick. Thanks James.

Sometimes it pays to be patient and let the world come to you. We had performed a quick search to find a solution to the dilemma facing James and initially drew a blank. Then, as if via some global seance, a being reached across the aether and whispered in our ear. (Actually we were sent a tip.)

A Canadian crew, called Hillbilly Waxworks, have spun off a separate product line, to address the issue of petroleum based snow-sport waxes. They call it Ethica Enviro-Wax. Their recipes involve "vegetable-based glycerides and natural polymers" with dyes and slip agents using FD&C; approved ingredients. They subject the formulas to the "Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry". Four waxes with names like Terranova and Sub Terrain are available for differing conditions. Directly answering the question of sprucing up one's bases is their Green Acres Base Cleaner. This degreaser/base cleaner is said to contain no harsh solvents and be completely biodegradable.

But Ethica Enviro-Wax is not only about "renewable, sustainable, and ethically minded materials." They've also instigated the Mountain Stewardship Program (MSP) so snow-sports with an environmental consciousness might network and promote their good works amongst themselves and their customers. ::Ethica Enviro-Wax

NB: While Ethica Enviro-Wax is termed a 'ski wax', their slightly confusing website does hint that the HillBilly board waxes follow the same guidelines.

Patrick B. was our tipster with the spookily on-time ESP. Thanks Patrick.

Q&A.; Non-Nasty Snowboard Waxes?
Sometimes it pays to be