Putting A Green Face On Facebook


(Can you spot the TreeHugger writer in this photo? The answer after the jump)

Facebook makes reconnecting with your past almost scandalous. One friend leads you to 10 more in an exponential manner -- from college, your travels, high school, pre-school and all those people you thought you might never see again. It may be an early start, but Facebook friends and communities are touting some good green messages. In the yet to be developed marketplace on Facebook (free registration required), you can find offers for free love, a Belgian redhead, a computer screen and a want-ad for a used cellphone. Clicking on the network button with keyword "environment", you can find young green friends at the Environmental Studies High School; be surprised to find over 1000 members on the Environment Canada network and less than 400 members belonging to the EPA. Try browsing through people search keywords under "environment" and you will find a Citizen's Environment Watch group in Toronto, a profile of Daniel Burstyn a TreeHugger from Israel's enviro Kibbutz Lotan; a campaign to improve Nigeria's environment; tens more hits for conserving the environment -- in places like Alaska. If the hip side of green is your thing, type in sustainable design. You might find yourself sending pokes and writing on the walls of some of your design heros belonging to groups such as Sustainable Revolution. And of course, this TreeHugger has her own profile here. Click here for more green social action networks published on TreeHugger.
The TreeHugger writer (me) is the one in the middle wearing the dorky Ray Bans at the prom about 15 years ago. I found this pic published on Facebook!

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