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Though renewable energy in general, and solar power in particular, has really planted itself firmly in public consciousness over the past year, that doesn't mean that individuals can rest on their laurels. One of the most interesting booths at Solar Power International wasn't even on the exhibit floor, and wasn't even staffed by anyone.

The Vote Solar Initiative is a San Francisco-based advocacy organization, working nationally to "bring solar energy into the mainstream" and focusing on "policies that will develop the economies of scale necessary to bring down costs, and help us transition to a renewable energy economy." Here are some of the state campaigns they're working on, and which you can help out with:
Transmission & Permitting Issues in Arizona

With the Renewable Energy Standard up and running, Arizona is open for business. Unfortunately, the Goldwater Institute took legal action that threatens much of the solar progress. If we have to, we'll go to the ballot. Transmission, permitting and tax issues are also on the agenda for large-scale solar.

280 MW Solar in Connecticut
The state currently has about 2 MW of installed solar capacity—enough to power about 800 homes. We want to take that to 280 MW. We have a plan to improve solar incentives, administration and design in the state. Expect to see a coordinated solar push in the 2009 legislature.

Solar Tax Credits in North Carolina
This southern state is about to go solar. We tapped our grassroots network for an ongoing push to win net metering. Meanwhile we are intervening to develop a functional standard REC offer for Duke Energy customers. In 2009, we will make sure state solar tax credits get renewed.

For more information, including a complete list of state initiatives and a way to sign up for action alerts, visit: The Vote Solar Initiative.

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