Publisher Goes Green

Dorling Kindersley is a much-loved publishing company that is famous for its travel books, Eyewitness series and children's books. Not the only ones or the first to have gone green in the publishing world, they have made the difficult, expensive and important decision with their new imprint, called Made with Care, to go completely eco from start to finish. Appropriately enough, the first books to be published will be a gardening guide, Grow Organic, and a baby manual, Green Babycare.

The books will not have a hard cover, instead they will have unbleached covers which are 100% recycled. They will be printed on FSC certified paper, using vegetable inks and environmentally friendly glues. The binding will be energy-saving "in-line" binding done in Germany to save travel miles. All the back pages will have a panel outlining the environmental efforts taken. They will be sold using little printed marketing materials which is a big risk since reviewers love hard copies. Instead they will be flogged through the company's website and a CD. The publisher said "We've taken our time and gone through the processes step-by-step to pick up all the loopholes. We don't want to be seen as greenwashing." By the year end they hope to introduce more green standards including a guarantee that no child labour was used in the manufacturing. :: Guardian

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