PSFK on the Future of Marketing: London, June 1


We watch marketing website PSFK closely to monitor trends; they keep a close eye on the green scene. We missed their New York conference two months ago, but just found a video of "Eco-shift or greenwash?" with TreeHugger contributor Tamara Giltsoff of Live/work chairing a panel discussion with Hemal Vasavada-Gill of the eightfold, Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat and Marc Alt discussing "Brands and organizations seem to be taking up the call to ‘get green’ – but how much of this leads to misleading posturing?."

PSFK takes the show on the road to London on June 1, with "The Marketing Gap in Green" with Chair: Karen Fraser (Ethical Index) Panel: John Grant (BrandTarot), Diana Verde Nieto (Clownfish), Tamara Giltsoff (OZObrand), Santiago Gowland (Unilever) discussing " Could marketing departments and their agencies get left behind by both the corporations they serve and the consumers they supply?" Other speakers include Regine Debatty and Hugh McLeod. Looks interesting at ::PSFK

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