Project Interchange's Green Movers and Shakers From Europe Experience Israel Through a Green Lens

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Israel is a place, which is never not on the news. A Washington-based organization Project Interchange, is hoping that some of Europe's "green" leaders will get in touch with a little more than the ongoing conflict that they see on the TV.

On September 20th to 27th, a delegation of European leaders will be in Israel. They include influential environmental journalists, policy makers from the World Bank and the EU parliament; energy and climate change specialists, as well as activism leaders. These rising leaders will meet with their Israeli counterparts (such as Gidon Bromberg) to learn firsthand some of Israel's strides and setbacks, when it comes to the environment.

The 7-day whirlwind tour will include a tour of Hiria (Tel Aviv's rehabilitating garbage dump); they will visit the very hot geothermal company Ormat (also working in biodiesel); they'll see solar fields in action, will learn about the dying Dead Sea at the Dead Sea —— and much more. They will essentially experience different shades of "green" in Israel —— meeting the who's who —— and get a chance to discuss and debate with their Israeli counterparts along the way. This upcoming trip, which invites journalists and bloggers to tag along, is sponsored by Project Interchange. While every trip Project Interchange hosts is different, this one will give European leaders the framework to understand Israel's complicated reality through a "green" lens.

If you are an Israeli-based foreign or local journalist looking to green your coverage, participating in some sessions of the upcoming trip will give you the "Israel and its Environment 101" course for helping you transition to environmental reporting.

This TreeHugger is involved in promoting the event. Contact me "karin (at) treehugger (dot) com" if you're a journalist who'd like to attend the "by invite only" tour.

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