Project Green Prom Offers Prizes to Eco-Friendly Prom Goers

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Prom is supposed to be the best night of your teenage life. While that's debatable, what is sure is that a big dance like prom can have quite a carbon footprint. Whole Foods Market has teamed up with Teens Turning Green and the duo is launching a competition for high schoolers to get as eco-friendly as possible with their prom night choices. And it starts, with a video...

Project Green Prom kicks off nationwide with an online video contest for high school juniors and seniors where contestants can enter to win a complete Green Prom Makeover along with other great prizes including a trip to New York, a one-of-a-kind eco-prom dress by notable fashion designer Bahar Shahpar, eco-shoes by olsen Haus, and more. Teens are encouraged to create and submit creative three-minute videos about how they propose to green their prom. Submissions can be uploaded to the Teens Turning Green YouTube site at through March 30th. All videos will be posted on the Teens Turning Green YouTube site through March 30th.

The winner will be announced on April 6th, along with three runners-up, at the Whole Foods Market Tribeca in New York City.

We have to say this is a pretty great way to get teens interested in going green, even if the prizes are skewed towards the girls - prom dress, beauty products, shoes... Though winning that kind of prize could be the perfect way for a guy to get his crush to say, "Yes" to a prom date if she's getting a stellar outfit for free.

When you focus a competition around an event that a majority of teens will gladly ponder for hours on end, you have yourself a great platform for grinding in the green thinking not only about how to have a lighter footprint for a party, but taking these actions into other parts of their lives at an age when green habits can be cemented in.

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