Products For a Happy Life

This small, well-designed little book urges readers to "un-take for granted" the simple, functional items of our everyday life. It reminds us that instead of on-line shopping for last month's have-to-have item, there are products that represent quality, modesty, economy and durability. They don't come with a brand and a logo, and they don't make any false promises.

With images taken from American mail-order catalogues from the 1910's and 1930's, the author chooses items that are humble and useful and seem part of another world, long gone. She depicts them on contrasting pastel-coloured pages and each drawing has a succinct description. Cookie cutters and rolling pins. Clothes pins and pin cushions, twine and a thimble. Scissors and hammers. Things that were once made in factories close to the homes of the people who bought them. Consumer items that promise nothing more than to do their jobs.

It's not really against consumerism, it's just a reminder that trendiness isn't everything. That there is something to be said for simple, honest products that are made to last. :: Products For a Happy Life

A very happy and healthy new year to one and all.

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