Pro Surfer Kyle Thiermann, Jack Johnson, and Others on 'Toxic Tumbleweeds' and More Single-Use Plastics

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Photo: Surfing for Change

Plastic has most certainly been demonized over the past decade and with good reason. But even still, we spend roughly $100 billion every year on bottled water. And that's just plastic water bottles. Single-use plastics have caused devastating repercussions to our planet to put it mildly. But what may surprise you is that our own Hawaiian Islands, especially the east side of Oahu, have become a filter in the Pacific Ocean for plastic waste from the mainland.Pro surfer Kyle Thiermann and his Surfing for Change initiative lets us in on a little known and frightening truth, that the gorgeous islands of Hawaii have become a waste dump for our country's single-use plastics. Thiermann teamed up with Jack Johnson, whom you may recall was behind the Get Off the Bottle Campaign, Stuart Coleman of Surfrider Foundation, and Story of Stuff's Annie Leonard to make this video.

Coleman calls single-use plastic bags 'toxic tumbleweeds' that are rarely recycled and often blow away from landfills, making their way into our oceans and ending up on the world's beautiful beaches like on Oahu. We're reminded that only 5 percent of single-use plastics are ever recycled and in Hawaii plastic recycling is transported half way around the world to be dealt with by someone else.

kyle thiermann photo

Photo: Surfing for Change

Thiermann has already made quite an impact at a young age. I've written about him before over at Planet Green. Last year, he reminded us why shopping locally was better for the planet and our local communities, just in time for Black Friday. And he rocked the banking world with his Claim Your Change project. Cheers to making a difference at 21.

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