Prix Pictet, Sustainable Photography Prize, Short List Announced

wolf hong kong photo

Photo: Michael Wolf, aod 45

The Prix Pictet has to be the most interesting photography prize going. Awarding a generous $77,000 to the winner, it is only the third year running for this international competition that focuses on sustainability and the environment.

Each year there is a theme; the first was water, the second was earth and this year's is growth. The short list is out and once more, the 12 nominees from all over the world do not disappoint. Michael Wolf is German, living in Hong Kong. His main focus has been Asia and architecture there. His photographs of high rise buildings make them look like abstract pictures without any life. He is now using Google Street Views to capture small scenes of the streets of Paris.

ghana prix photo

Photo: Nyaba Ouedraogo, The Hell of Copper (L'Enfer du Cuivre)
Nyaba Ouedrago from Ghana is shooting the desolation at the Aglobloshie Market, the dumping ground of Europe's abandoned computer waste. Interestingly, this is the same subject that South African Pieter Hugo is doing.

couturier prix photo

Photo: Stéphane Couturier, Usine Toyota n°9
Stéphane Couturier, from France, has done twenty large photographs depicting the Toyota assembly plant in Valenciennes (France). His depiction of work places shows that "reality is no longer made up of isolated things, of fixed geometrical shapes, but that it has become a reality of flux, in continuous movement and transformation."

lutter blimp photo

Photo: Vera Lutter, Zeppelin, Friedrichshafen, I: August 10 - 13, 1999

One of only two women on the list, Vera Lutter, Germany, finds and examines beauty in "the destructive power inherent in many industrial accomplishments." She photographs in black and white. Places such as German shipyards, strip mining in the Rhine, and decaying factories in New York.

ed planes photo

Photo: Edward Burtynsky, AMARC #5

The list includes some names familiar to TreeHuggers such as Ed Burtynsky (his second time nominated) and Chris Jordan. Other photographers are: Guy Tillin, Thomas Struth, Taryn Simon, Christian Als, Yeondoo Jung and Mitch Epstein.

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