Prix Pictet Shortlist for 2009 Announced with Earth Theme

blast pictet photo

Image by Naoya Hatakeyama from Prix Pictet

The Prix Pictet is the new global photography prize that focuses on sustainability. Sponsored by Pictet & Cie, a Swiss bank, this year's theme is the earth. The issue to be examined is: "Can the earth’s complex living systems sustain the future consumption patterns of another three billion people in the world’s population by 2050?"

The recently announced shortlist consists of 12 different photographers from 9 countries. The heavy hitters are Ed Burtynsky from Canada and Andreas Gursky from Germany. But the others, from Canada, China, Japan, Portugal, USA and the Congo are equally, if not more, impressive. "Blast", by Hatakeyama (pictured above) depicts debris after a quarry blast in Japan. More examples after the fold.Despite the theme being earth, many of the photos depict water, rivers, and oceans. Many do not include human beings in them, and most are in colour. Here are a few from the list.

anderson pictet photo

Images from Prix Pictet

Canadian Christopher Anderson has been travelling to Venezuela and documenting the exploitation of its natural resources

UK photographer Christopher Steele-Perkins' work "considers the place of Mount Fuji, the iconic symbol of Japan, in our modern times, and references the works of the great Japanese artists, Hokusai Katsushika and Utagawa Hiroshige, whose series of woodblocks, 36 Views of Mount Fuji, were a record and commentary on Mt Fuji in relation to the society of their time."


Nadav Kander, UK visited China five times photographing the people who live along the banks of the Yangtze river.

yao lu pictet photo

China's Yao Lu's photos look like traditional Chinese paintings but in fact they are a combination of fragments of modern industrialism and idyllic landscapes. He says his work is a comment on environmental damage. : Prix Pictet
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