Private and Scientific Actors Gather in Sao Paulo to Take Action against Global Change

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Sao Paulo University (IEA) and the Brazilian Sciences Academy will try to gather the private, academic and civil society actors "in the search to better understand and establish synergies and associations to obtain scientific, technological, commercially sustainable and socially correct solutions" to the global climate changes that are taking place in the world. The ambitious goal will be targeted during the III Regional Conference on Global Change: South America, which will take place next November 4th to 8th in the Blue Tree Convention Center located in the Ibirapuera area in Sao Paulo, Brazil (still open for papers submission, see in the extended). Some themes to be discussed will be:
-The Science of Global Change, where the latest discoveries from the sciences in the matter of global climate change will be presented and discussed, specially the ones from the Fourth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
-Impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation, where the possible consequences of the global changes in ecosystems, urban agglomerations, rural sector, economic activities and human relations with the environment will be discussed, as well as the possible adaptations to them.
-Avoiding the climate change, which will tackle actions and technologies to avoid and capture greenhouse gases, some mitigation projects, development and consume patterns necessary to fight global change, and the role of each part of society in the matter.
-The future global climate regime, section in which the discussion will center in the advance of international negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Kyoto Protocol and other regional initiatives to establish a climate regime post 2012.
The Papers section of the conference is still open for submissions until August 3rd 2007. Papers will have to be entered via the official website (in Portuguese), under the section Inscrição e Preços.
For assistants, inscriptions will also be via the official website, though they are not open yet. The price for students will be 100 reais (about 52 dollars), for professors and researchers will be 180 reais (about 93 dollars), and for the private sector professionals, 400 reais (208 dollars). Seems a little dumb to us that the private sector, which is the most necessary to include in these types of conversations, gets the higher rate, but unfortunately, these price-ranges are common in Latin America.
The last edition of the conference, which took place on November 6th to 10th 2005 also in Sao Paulo, counted with participation of researchers from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, United States, and Germany, and an approximate audience of 700 people. It had nine discussions round tables, nine presentations and an exhibition with 130 posters, according to IEA. ::III Regional Conference on Global Change South America (in Portuguese) ::II Regional Conference on Global Change South America (in Portuguese and English) ::Coverage of the II Regional Conference (in Portuguese).

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