PRINT Magazine Goes Green

Tipster David R points us in the direction of the July August 05 issue of PRINT magazine, which "explores the new ways graphic designers are addressing social, ethical, and environmental concerns in their work." We haven't seen inside the mag ourselves but the articles sure sound intriguing: one labelled 'Fibre Optimistic' aims to debunk myths on recycled paper. Another peers into the PVC (vinyl) sign and banner industry to see what eco changes are afoot. There is a piece on Japanese innovative eco-design plus one on why haven't schools integrated sustainability into their programs. You can read the PDF from editor, Joyce Rutter Kaye, where she describes the brow-wrinkling that the issue generated. Like how one writer concluded that maybe ....... "'good design' obligates people to consider whether the best solution is to not produce a new design at all. This challenges the very foundation of the traditional client-designer relationship. Being able to lead clients toward lower impact or renewable design solutions (or even advocating the continued relevance of an existing design) requires designers to move closer to becoming real agents of change." She also notes that the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) have set up a task force to work on the environment side of the industry, after a survey revealed it to be "the profession's most pressing concern." ::PRINT magazine