Prince (Not the Musician) on Tour for Sustainability

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Prince Charles is going on tour. Not to promote his new CD, but rather sustainable living. He will be travelling in his train, run by bio-fuels and playing at such well-known venues as a senior citizen's apartment in Nottingham and an allotment in Todmorden. And tickets are free.

In his travels he will be visiting projects around the country where ordinary people are making a difference by installing solar panels, planting trees and growing vegetables. It is part of HRH Start project, which promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.

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So where is he going on this magical mystery tour? Edinburgh, Carmarthen, Bristol, Newcastle, Todmorden, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and London. It's a mix: from the sublime to the ridiculous, or from upstairs to downstairs. First off, to Wales where the Prince of Wales will launch a guide for historic home owners to help them insulate drafty castles, The Prince's Regeneration Trust's Green Guide for Historic Buildings, and install wind turbines on hill farms. It seems like a caricature of the upper classes but let's face it, a wind turbine is a wind turbine, no matter who puts it on what...

Then to Nottingham to a senior citizen's apartment where he will have a cup of tea with a woman who has benefited from installing solar panels in her roof.

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Raised beds at the local primary school image from Incredible Edible Todmorden

In Manchester, Charles will watch a sustainable fashion show before visiting nearby Todmorden, to see the Incredible Edible Todmorden Scheme. That's where the women started planting rhubarb and chard and other vegetables in municipal tubs by the bus stop, on the railway platform, at the school, in the cemetery, outside the doctors' office. Their goal was to inspire others to start growing vegetables everywhere; and they did. The "guerrilla gardeners" will plant some vegetables on public land for him. Maybe they will give him a seed bomb to throw while he is there.

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Image from newcastle photos

Scotland sounds good: he will be visiting Ouseburn Farm, an environmental and heritage centre which teaches children about animal welfare, horticulture and the history of the community.

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Image from Birmingham stories

In Birmingham HRH will see the world's first hybrid car, the Lanchester Petrol-Electric Mark 7 Prototype Car, built in 1926.

The event concludes with a festival at Clarence House - Garden Party to Make a Difference - where pop stars, celebrity chefs and comedians will perform--all for the cause of sustainable living.

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