Prince Charles is Having a Party and We are All Invited

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Prince Charles is having a party in September and guess what: we can all go. HRH is opening up the garden of his city house, Clarence House, in September for 12 days. Buy a ticket and you too can peer through the windows, poke around the roses and veggies, and listen to some music whilst drinking tea and meeting green celebrities.

Called "a garden party to make a difference", it's all in support of his Start initiative, which promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. The Prince said "We are not purely optimistic, nor do we underestimate the challenges that lie ahead. We acknowledge that living sustainably will require us all to make real changes to the way we live. But we also believe that these changes can bring immense rewards to us as individuals and nations."

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The event will include a chance to see three historic gardens, including neighbouring ones at Lancaster House and Marlborough House, as well as more than 100 displays and exhibitions. There will also be live performances from well-known British performers and personalities. Comedians such as Marcus Brigstocke and Hugh Dennis will be included, as will fashion by Dame Vivienne Westwood, music by Jools Holland and debate by Jonathon Dimbleby. Allan Titchmarsh will cover the garden front. .

Visitors will learn how to cook in an environmentally friendly way and how to design and sew bags from recycled materials. There will also be interactive displays detailing the latest green technologies.

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As royalty Prince Charles has a lot of influence and can bring out the heavy hitters Some of the sponsors of the party include Asda (Walmart) Marks & Spencer, Virgin and IBM.

At the same time, IBM will be holding a 9 day conference ( seems like a long time) for business and industry leaders on promoting sustainability. Each day will focus on a different theme and bring together business and public sector leaders with experts to discuss the issues such as: the future of cities, energy, transport, skills, future business leaders, smarter supply chains, financing sustainability and the information revolution.

Prince Charles has long been an advocate of ecological and sustainable living and has been ahead of his time in many ways. His views on homeopathic medicine were questioned and his opinion of modern architecture has attracted controversy. However his commitment to the environment and promoting the cause is unquestionable. Start is an attempt to "present an inspiring picture of a sustainable future." The website and the different activities are another way to bring the message to a broader audience.

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