Prince Albert Tells Hollywood to Change Lifestyle

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Prince Albert in the can and with The Edge. Photo courtesy of PRNews

When Prince Albert II of Monaco came to Hollywood this week, eco-friendly members of the entertainment biz toasted the royal son of late Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly -- and his environmental foundation. He's been busy hustling up $23 million for the Prince's climate change initiatives. U2's The Edge was in town for the big YouTube webcast concert, Chris "Mr. Big" Noth, Julian Lennon (another famous son), and others showed support for the Monaco monarch's crusade, listening to the Prince deliver a rather admonishing speech.
To fix the "damage we are doing to our fragile planet" the Prince, vying with Prince Charles of Wales for green good deeds, told the gathering of celebrities, "We have to move away from a society that is obsessed with consumption and consumerism, so perhaps we need to reexamine our lifestyles and consider how our actions and daily life are affecting our world," he said. That got the glitterati pondering.

"When people ask me, what can I do? How can I help? I would say to them, what my mother once said to me: 'trust your instincts,'" said the Prince. "Give what you can, whether it is money, time, resources, your name, your celebrity or an inspirational act, deed, song or word."

The Prince Albert II Foundation has 127 conservation projects going on in Polar Regions, the Mediterranean Basin, and under-developed countries, working on fighting desertification, gaining access to water, loss of biodiversity, and developing renewable energies, among the efforts to combat climate change. In three years, chapters have opened in the US, five EU countries, and Canada.

"Settle down or wreck the planet"

He was in Southern California to receive the Roger Revelle Prize from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of San Diego. H.S.H. Prince Albert had just handed out his Foundation's awards (and € 40,000) to three environmental leaders for efforts to preserve the planet:

• Brazil's Marina Silva, an environmentalist and politician, who served as a senator and environmental minister, was honored for her work in support of the Brazilian rainforests.

• China's Pan Yue received the award for his contribution to water conservation. A former journalist, he is currently Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Environmental Protection.

• Boston's Pulitzer Prize winner Professor Edward Osborne Wilson, head of the "Encyclopedia of Life," a web-based program indexing every species known to man, got it for work on biodiversity.

Wilson said, "The 21st century, I believe, is going to be known as the Century of the Environment, and in science as the Century of Biology. This is the time that we will either settle down as a species or completely wreck the planet."

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