Prijon Kayaks - Most Durable in the World?

Ever since Walden Kayaks stopped making their recycled polyethylene watercraft we've been up the mast, spyglass at the ready, to sight a similarly worthy vessel. We haven't espied one just yet, but Prijon sound like they're paddling in the right direction. Many of craft from this famous German kayak builder use a material called Thermoplast. It's a HTP, or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, said to have over 25% greater longitudinal and torsional stiffness than the traditional polyethylenes commonly used for roto-moulded kayaks. Prijon, by contrast, create their products through extrusion blow moulding. They reckon this combination of different materials and construction method creates kayaks that are "the strongest, most rigid and most durable in the world." We like that word durable. The company is also keen on reuse and zero waste, stating that if a newly created hull does not meet quality checks, it is reused to make other boat parts. HTP as a material is claimed to be non-toxic. Prijon Kayaks ::Germany & International, USA and UK.