Pretty park maps support wilderness conservation

park map
© Muir Way

Jared Prince, founder of Muir Way, used to collect maps from his visits to national parks. “I’ve always loved maps,” he said, but last year he was inspired to create a simplified version after a visit to Yosemite.

“You look at [the map] and get excited about where you’re going to hike to for the day or the week,” Prince told TreeHugger. “I just really wanted to expand on that feeling.”

Prince’s map art offers a cleaner vision of the parks. He approached the designs by deciding what elements are important to people’s memories of parks. He retained only those elements: the outline of the park, the waterways, the trails and state lines.

Great Smoky National Park© Muir Way

Although Prince runs a small print shop in San Diego, he didn’t have experience using graphic design programs. So, one of his big challenges in getting the project off the ground was learning Adobe Illustrator.

Prince also spent months looking for a frame maker who uses re-claimed wood. In the end, he chose Urban Ashes, a Michigan-based company that uses materials that would otherwise go to landfills. “They have a nice, rustic look to them,” he said.

national park map© Muir Way

A portion of all the sales goes towards supporting the Sierra Club. Muir Way is named for John Muir, who is also the founder of Sierra Club.

Prince said that Zion National Park is closest to his heart. “I used to live in Colorado, and one of my best friends and I would always go to Zion and go canyoneering,” he said. “I’ve gone through every crack and crevice of Zion National Park.”

Pretty park maps support wilderness conservation
Muir Way supports the Sierra Club with colorful maps of state parks.

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