President Clinton Announces Record Number of Commitments in First 24 Hours, Launches CGI Asia


More big news from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI): Former president Bill Clinton announced that more than 100 CGI commitments have been made in the first 24 hours of this year's meeting—a record for the organization, which held its first annual meeting in 2005.

In 2008, CGI will be spinning off into Asia; the first meeting of CGI Asia, to be held in Hong Kong, will gather Asian heads of states and newsmakers to face challenges specific to the region head on.

"Asia is the largest and most populous continent," Clinton said. "And while its wealth has grown faster than most other parts of the world, major socioeconomic disparities remain and must be tackled."

More commitments that will be announced throughout the day below the fold, courtesy of the CGI press office.Martha Stewart Center for Living
In a $2 million project, the Martha Stewart Center for Living will develop an online information resource for millions of caregivers and a curriculum to help medical staff support caregivers.

Sabin Global Health Institute
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are disfiguring and life-threatening parasitic and bacterial infections that afflict and stigmatize more than 1 billion people living in the most impoverished areas of the developing world. The Sabin Global Health Institute and its partners, MWW Group, Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Alyssa Milano, TIG Global, Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control, will mobilize $25 million to launch the STOP NTDs! Campaign to Eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases. This one year campaign aims to build the capacity in donor and affected countries to advocate for universal access to essential NTD medications and mobilize collective action in the fight against NTDs.

Teach for All
In a $25 million, three year partnership, Teach for America, Teach First, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Amy & Larry Robbins Foundation will use their experience to establish independent teachers' corps. Initially programs will be set up in Estonia, Germany, India, Israel, South Africa and two others countries to tackle educational disparities.

Room to Read: Scaling Success: 10,000 bi-lingual libraries by 2010
By 2010, Room to Read aims to extend its geographic reach to 15 countries, including a launch in Latin America. As part of this $25 million commitment, Room to Read will expand its flagship Reading Room program to open 5,000 additional libraries, bringing the total to 10,000 libraries and self-publish more than 3.5 million children's books in local languages across three continents.

Intel Helps Millions of Teachers Bring Technology into the Classroom
The Intel Corporation is committing $300 million over the next 5 years to expand Intel Teach, an on-line training program. The program has already trained over 4 million teachers in 40 countries to effectively integrate technology into their classroom, and the expansion will reach an additional 1.5 million teachers in 15 influential countries. To insure effective integration, Intel is working with the educational ministries of each country.

ALAS Foundation
Shakira and the ALAS Foundation commits to help relieve the effects of the natural disasters in Peru and Nicaragua through direct investment into the education, sanitation and water systems, and through a multimedia fundraising campaign in Peru featuring top Latin artists. Partners include the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, over 35 artists and business leaders that represent ALAS including Carlos Slim, Cesar Alierta and the Red Cross. The value of this public awareness and reconstruction program is valued at over $40 million.

Latin America Early Childhood Development Awareness Campaign
Shakira, in partnership with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, is committing to inform millions of parents in Latin America about the importance of early childhood development. Their public awareness campaign will run in conjunction with an innovative $5 million pilot program in four countries. The pilot program will provide integrated services in education, early stimulation, nutrition and health.

Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative
The Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative will create a coalition of mining industry and non-industry actors to assist local leaders in Latin America address social, economic and environmental issues in a cost-effective, scalable and sustainable way. Partnering with the Clinton Foundation, who will help bring key stakeholders together, Frank Giustra and a number of partners have pledged in excess of $300 million to the effort. Carlos Slim Helú of Grupo Carso and the philanthropic arm of the Lundin Group of Companies have followed Giustra's example and each have pledged $100 million as part of this commitment to help alleviate poverty and build sustainable local economies in Latin America.

Duke Energy: Save-a-Watt Proposal
Led by Duke Energy, Consolidated Edison, Edison International, Great Plains Energy, Pepco Holdings, PNM Resources, Sierra Pacific Resources and Xcel Energy, utilities collectively serving nearly 20 million customers in 22 states, are joining together in an effort to help make America more energy efficient. With the right regulatory reforms, they pledge to increase their collective investment in energy efficiency. These reforms will lead to the elimination of 30 million tons of green house gas emissions per year-the equivalent of taking 6 million cars off the road. With the Edison Electric Institute, the companies will also create an Institute for Electric Efficiency, enabling them to share and promote best practices in energy efficiency.

Leadership for Climate Action
Building upon CGI's focus on partnership and contribution to the climate change agenda, Prince Albert II of Monaco, working with the United Nations Foundation and Club of Madrid, will actively seek to establish an international consensus for a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol.

Standard Chartered
Over the next five years, Standard Chartered Bank will commit to underwrite $4-5 billion in debt to renewable energy projects with a total project value of $8-$10 billion. They will target clean energy projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and focus their efforts in areas such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, biomass and coal bed methane. They may play the role of lead arranger of debt, financial advisor or equity investor.

X Prize
X Prize committed to give prize money of up to $300 million to innovators making breakthroughs in energy and climate change, education, health, and poverty alleviation by conducting a dozen global competitions for large scale inducement prizes. X Prize defines a problem and then sets a challenge to find the solution. In this new round of prizes, innovators will have to show outcomes such as a reduction in CO2 or improved mortality rates. Innovators who reach the targets first will be able to claim millions of dollars in prize money.

Alliance for Climate Protection
Working with the Alliance for Climate Protection, Mark Buell & Susie Tompkins Buell will develop a $5 million project to continue moving the USA past a 'tipping point' beyond which the majority of leaders in both major political parties and all sectors of civil society compete to offer genuinely effective proposals, policies, and programs that reduce emissions of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases. The Buell's support will enable the Alliance to build on its successful efforts to date, and by convincing even more individuals, families, communities, states, corporations and other organizations to reduce their own contributions to global warming.

President Clinton Announces Record Number of Commitments in First 24 Hours, Launches CGI Asia
More big news from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI): Former president Bill Clinton announced that more than 100 CGI commitments have been made in the first 24 hours of this year's meeting—a record for the organization, which held its first annual

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