Preparing for the DST Crisis: What To Eat


We are down to the wire, 2AM Sunday morning the clocks go back go forward. Will you be ready? Be sure to stock up tomorrow- this might be a good time to consider the hundred mile diet- even in winter there is lots to eat. Siel has done a number of posts on it for those in California, where it seems hardly a challenge at all. Before Sunday morning you should check out ::Local Harvest where you can locate farmers' markets, family farms, locally grown produce, grass-fed meats, and other sources of sustainably grown food. TreeHugger recipe queen Kelly has been on sabbatical, but the archives contain many gems that can be made from local vegetables such as Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry, and lots of others here. Collin provides a good summary of posts about growing your own food, and perhaps it is a good time to learn about the Slow Food Movement which concentrates on protecting the environment whilst promoting local goods and produce. After all, we will have time on our hands!