Preparing for the DST Crisis: Heading for the HIlls

Whenever Humankind tampers with the natural order of things, stuff happens. In spite of the risk, the American government has decided to move the start of Daylight Savings Time three weeks forward to March 11 to save energy, and Canada and Bermuda have followed. Yet computers controlling everything from nuclear plants to air traffic control to TreeHugger are running on code that was written in the last century- can it cope?

Just in case, TreeHugger looks at the things you should (and shouldn't) have when the lights go out.

For heading to the hills in a hurry, you can fill your Voltaic backpack with a wind-up charger for nights or living in caves. For water, small units like the Lifestraw may be useful. Don't forget a Fire-fly stove but for quick energy when on the run, nothing beats a Clif Bar. An eco-camp kit might be useful, although a solar powered tent might be a bit heavy. A Bikamper Bike tent might be a better choice. Load it onto a good solid Jorg and Olif and you are on your way ahead of the crowds. You can add a bike trailer if you need more stuff.

Don't forget warm clothes like organic alpine sweaters, hemp jackets and eco-fleece hoodies. And, of course, a sleeping bag.

To keep on top of what is happening, take a Freeplay Radio or Sony's hand-cranked version.

Don't forget to read up about food foraging and Michael Pollan has a lot to teach about hunting in the Omnivore's Dilemma. With luck, you will last until Halloween when the clocks move back to where they are supposed to be.

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