Preparing for the DST Crisis: Battening Down the Hatches


If in the face of all the impending DST chaos you intend to hunker in the bunker, there are a lot of options to prepare for "infrastructure independence". You should get serious about rainwater collection, perhaps installing cisterns to hold enough. Rainwater is usually clean enough to drink, but there are a number of simple purification and distillation systems around. Some municipal waste systems need electricity for pumping and toilets need lots of water, so you might want to invest in a composting toilet like this British couple did. For food, tear up the yard for a vegetable garden, and grow your own, and find your closest CSA. For cooking, there are a variety of solar cookers (including a really cheap one )available and for heat, we love pellet stoves which can burn a lot of things in a pinch. For refrigeration it is not too late to harvest ice, and for electricity some photovoltaics or a residential scaled wind turbine can get you by, especially if all the computers are crashed anyways. Invest in LED bulbs- they last and last. For transportion, we love bicycles (a Pashley Freightmate will carry your groceries) but some people do cook up their own biodiesel fuels. If you are more of a grasshopper than an ant, you can always drop in on Ted Owens, George Bush or Chris Medland- They are ready.