Prefab Live Green House Built in One Day

Live Green house sydney photo

Photo: courtesy City of Sydney, Live Green house.

The sustainability demonstration showcase house was erected in a single day, when it first appeared as part of Sydney's Art & About Festival last month. Now it's on the move again, this time as an exhibit for the City of Sydney's participation in Australian National Recycling Week and other green community engagement events.

Designed by Terry Bail and Martin Urakawa from Archology, the Live Green House uses a modular, interchangeable arrangement of low embodied energy plywood sheets. The house is prefabricated off-site allowing it to be assembled and disassembled by hand with just screws. The architects reckon their working prototype would perform real world service as a small home, shed, or artist retreat.

Live Green House photo

Photo: Archology
Live Green House
Sydneysiders can check it out on 9 & 10 November 2009, at Martin Place, right in the centre of the city. Those not in Sydney can see it being erected in just three minutes courtesy of this time-lapse video.

The Live Green House, which also uses certified timber, recycled products and polycarbonate in its construction of a bedroom, bathroom and living area, showcases the latest in sustainable living. Like vertical gardens, a green roof dog kennel, cooling paint, self-cleaning concrete pavers, rainwater tank and solar power.

Big Aussie Swap Party
While visiting the house to learn out green architecture, folk can participate in the Big Aussie Swap Party on 10 November 2009. Three easy to carry, quality items that you wish to swap such as books, CDs, clothes, bric-a-brac are exchanged for one token at the registration desk. You then head of to swap for things amongst the treasures other people have brought along.

Sustainable Living Workshops
But the fun and learning doesn't stop there. Over the next few weeks the City of Sydney is hosting a whole swag of events. GreenHome Essentials workshops will provide to the minute information on No dig gardening, Composting and Worm Farming, Natural Baby Care, Introduction to Sustainable Living and Eco Choices for Home Renovators, energy-saving solutions for the home, and more.

Energy Monitoring
Household energy use monitors, known as Power-Mates, will be available from City of Sydney libraries for householders to measure their energy use with a view to reducing consumption and electricity bills.

Transport has not been neglected, with free workshops being offered on both Cycling Confidence and Bike Maintenance for Beginners.

On Sunday 6 December City of Sydney residents. can recycle old computers and know they are keeping all those valuable metals or toxic materials out of the landfill or groundwater.

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