Powerpoint is Dead; Long Live Rhetoric


The Gettysburg Address in Powerpoint

Powerpoint is so dead; Rhetoric is back with a vengeance. Perhaps it is seasonal election disorder; whatever the cause, some deeply inspiring copy is permeating the web these days. First up was Alex Steffen with his My other car is a bright green city, then Hank Green with his fusillade against King Coal, and now Colin Beavan channels Tom Paine in a paean that this petty scrivener can only aspire to:

I believe in the goodness of human nature. I believe we can get distracted by many things, but that, ultimately, we all want to do what is best. Because that is true of people, I believe we can make the planet better for all of us, that we can have peace, feed the hungry and end war.

I believe too that every action each of us takes makes a difference. Every time each of us rejects a disposable bag brings the world one step closer to being the kind of place where sea turtles don’t die from eating plastic. Every time each of us sacrifices a car ride brings us the world one step closer to being the kind of place where there is no global warming. Every time one of us tithes our income brings us one step closer to ending world poverty.

Call out the instigator because there's something in the air. ::No Impact Man