Powerisers: More Powerbocking than Powerwalking


About a year ago, powerisers provoked a lot of interest among TreeHuggers. Much has happened since then, so here is an update on this extreme mobility enhancement. And a mystery: the Showteam Powerisers Europe. The teaser video, over the fold, promises the premiere of this new powerbocking team on 14 March 2008.

Look for the premiere video as promised. Or see Showteam Powerisers Europe team members live at the "Poweriser - Challenge & Friends 2008" meeting in Lörrach Germany on 5th April 2008.

The term "powerisers" seems to have caught on as a catch-all phrase for many different brand names. The extreme version of poweriser play, Powerbocking, includes gymnastic flipping and jumping displays. The name Powerbocking derives from the the inventor and patent holder, Alexander Böck. Just search poweriser on youtube for a sampling of extreme feats on powerisers.


Difficult to find a year ago, powerisers are popping up everywhere now. A Wikipedia entry makes is easy to find the suppliers of various models of the pogo-stilts. The original spring-boots are the powerskips, manufactured in Germany. In addition to serving as a generic name, the term "Powerisers" is also the brand name of a korea-manufactured licensed version of the original power-skips. Many other licensed brands of similar equipment are competing for a growing market.

Powerisers also have their own social networking site. If you are interested in buying your own powerisers, check out the comparisons and feedback on the poweriserpages. A lot of our readers commented on quality problems in some models, while others raved about their choice. Since the eco-aspect of this gadget is the fossil-fuel free operation rather than the construction, durability is a critical design issue for a positive lifecycle balance, so do your research before buying a cheap pair that will land in the trash. See the original TreeHugger review of powerisers for more information on the tech-check and physiological review of the jumping boots done by German television show Galileo if you want to know more before you buy.

Powerisers seem to be making a splash in the acrobatics and extreme sports areas, but every day exercise and simply getting around remain the intention of the average poweriser fans lacking in superpowers. The girl pictured making time on powerisers in our original article (image, left) identified herself in the comments as Regine Skrydon, an anime artist who uses the speed-assist of powerisers for getting around campus.

Bottom line though: the world probably needs to be car-free so that powerised walkers can enjoy the roads to themselves before commuting by poweriser really catches on. At least you'll be in the know when your friends start talking powerbocking.

Via poweriserpages and poweriser deutschland (German), and powerisers deutschland (English or German).

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