Power2Save: Another Home Energy Use Monitor

Yesterday Collin showed us the PowerCost Monitor, available from Canada. There is a big market for such things here; we have uncounted resources in hydro and wind, but past and present mismanagement have left us with a tottering system and ever-increasing bills, and anything that cuts our electricity use is important. We can also buy the Cent-a-meter, covered before when it became available in the UK but now available in North America through Power2Save. It acts as an "electricity spedometer", allowing you to monitor your electricity use by displaying the cost in dollars and cents, on a modern wireless LCD display." Studies have shown that it generally reduces consumption by 20% as you can see the immediate impact of a single lightbulb in pennies spent. The sensor clips onto the wires at the electrical panel rather than on the meter, so it is suitable for apartments and offices where meters are not accessible, as well as houses. C$ 185 from ::Power2Save