Power Shift: Australia's National Youth Climate Summit Is Coming Soon

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The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is on a mission: to build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis, through uniting diverse youth organisations around this common challenge.

And as a physical manifestation of this goal they’re organising the Power Shift event, which will come to Sydney on 11-13 July 2009. It will be Australia’s first national youth climate summit and is quite some occasion. Aised from the usual plethora of presentations and keynote addresses there will also be training workshops in community organising and leadership development; a National Green Jobs Fair, an evening music concert with Australian performers.

One unusual aspect of the event is the Ride2Power event.Ride2Power is a bike journey from Melbourne to Power Shift in Sydney. It is expected the 950 kilometres will be covered in 18 days, with riders carrying their own camping gear along the way. They’ll be joined by Sydney riders for a mass bike ride to highlight the benefits of low carbon transport.

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The early list of headline speakers is impressive and includes:

- Dr. Tim Flannery, author of The Weather Makers
- Larissa Brown, Prime Minister’s Young Environmentalist of the Year 2008
- Greg Bourne,CEO of WWF Australia
- Nicole Keuper, Solar Engineer, Eureka Award Winner for Young Leaders 2008
- John Hepburn, climate change campaigner, Greenpeace Australia-Pacific
- Tim Goodwin, Chair, National Indigenous Youth Movement of Australia
- plus plenty of others

And apparently the Federal Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull have indicated they’ll be attending too.

The organising team are still looking for students to promote Power Shift on their campus, so if you’re studying at one the Uni’s listed on this page you can help get the message out and make the event a big success. Like it was in the USA.

::Power Shift Australia, via Up Your Jumper
Images: Australian Youth Climate Coalition

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