Power Shift 2007: Youth Climate Summit


There's no two ways about it: sequels usually suck. Go ahead, try and convince us that Jaws 2 was a good idea - not gonna happen. So, we are glad that the sequel to this April's Step It Up event is already shaping up to be a success. Part of the excitement about November's Step It Up is the collaboration of different organizations participating. One of the largest is sure to be Power Shift, an event that bills itself as the first youth-led summit on climate change. With the national Step It Up activities happening on November 3 (exactly one year from the 2008 election), the Power Shift conference will go from November 2-5 at the University of Maryland. The mission of Power Shift is threefold:

1. Make the U.S. Presidential candidates and Congress take global warming seriously. It is widely accepted that the next U.S. president must make global warming a priority for us to solve the crisis before we reach a point of no return. With youth voting rates on the rise, we have the opportunity to drastically affect the 2008 Presidential Election and ensure our next president puts us on a path to stopping climate change.

2. Empower a truly diverse network of young leaders. Recognizing the limitations of mainstream environmentalism and its history of engaging primarily white, highly educated, privileged citizens on the left while leaving behind other communities, we must diversify our movement to include every community in America and shift our culture towards one of sustainability and justice for everyone, overcoming traditional racial, ethnic, geographic, and ideological divisions.

3. Achieve broad geographic diversity. We want this convergence to represent nearly every Congressional district in the United States in order to demand scientifically based solutions from all who represent us. Only when this fire is burning in every state of the union, with broad awareness and pointed activism from the ground up, will we have the political power needed to solve this crisis.

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