Power of DC — Electric Vehicle Drag Race


Power of DC is the name of the electric vehicle association of Washington D.C. They have been organizing electric vehicle drag races for the past five years, and this year's edition is taking place on June 11th at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, Maryland. The gates open at 11:00 am and racing starts at 12:00. The vehicles are powered strictly by electricity supplied by on-board batteries, ultra-capacitors or fuel cells. The event is sanctioned by the National Electric Drag Racing Association and organized by volunteers of the Electric Vehicle Association of Washington D.C.At least we know that unlike NASCAR they are not using leaded gasoline ("Blood lead concentrations of less than 10 parts per million have been shown to permanently diminish the mental capacity of children." - No, I won't make jokes about NASCAR fans who breathe gas fumes...) Noise levels should be a lot lower too, and I'm guessing that the conversation will be more interesting. If you are in the area, why not pay a visit and encourage the EV league (that's a bad pun).

::Power of DC, ::National Electric Drag Racing Association & ::Electric Vehicle Association of Washington D.C.

[by MGR]