Power Down, Unwind on the National Day of Unplugging, March 4-5

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Image: SabbathManifesto.org

One religious observance I can really connect with is the sabbath. A day of complete, unmitigated rest? Count. Me. In. That's the idea behind the Sabbath Manifesto:

A creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.

Created by a group of not particularly religious Jewish artists in search of a modern way to observe a weekly day of rest. It's like the Slow Food of technology, challenging us to take a once-weekly time out from gadgets -- and maybe even the energy grid -- to re-charge, re-connect and give back, the old fashioned way.How? By:

1. Avoiding technology
2. Connecting with loved ones
3. Nurturing your health
4. Getting outside
5. Avoiding commerce
6. Lighting candles
7. Drinking wine (I'm sold.)
8. Eating bread (perhaps homemade?)
9. Finding silence
10. Giving back

These are the official Ten Principles to "unplug" but each are open to personal interpretation as the project encourages on the website:

To some, "avoid technology" means not sending text messages. To others, it means not using a stove or riding in an elevator. To some, "be healthy" means running the next NYC marathon. For others, it means chewing each mouthful of food you eat real slow - 18 chews a bite. You get the picture. Find the balance that works for you. Create rules that allow you to rest and reflect without destroying the fabric of your life.

Create rules that allow you to rest and reflect without destroying the fabric of your life. I like that. It's easy to follow rules. It's more challenging to create them-- in a practical way that benefits you (an aspiring relaxed, happy being) and planet. After all, as we've blogged about before, sabbath-like observances can help lighten our energy use -- and therefore our carbon footprint.

If a once-weekly day apart from yours truly (TreeHugger) seems impossible, we don't blame you. Baby step your tech-detox starting with a single day, the National Day of Unplugging, sunset to sunset, March 4-5, 2011. Sign-up, order your smart phone sleeping bag if you'd like (cute, hemp-based but not necessary) and get ready to hunker down. I, for one, am excited to do absolutely nothing tech- nor work- related and will be blogging about my Ten Principle plans over on Planet Green.

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