Potty Whispering: More on Diaper/Nappy Free Babies


Maybe you missed our earlier post a couple of years ago on 'elimination communication', a process of parents and child working together so that baby can avoid wearing a diaper (or nappy). Friends have been through the whole disposable/biodegadable/cloth diaper debate and are still looks for solutions. One, who is having her second child this month became very excited when I mentioned the prospect of rearing her child nappy free. Her eyes lit up, "Tell me more, where do I find our about it, is there a book, a website ... ?" Oh, yeh. One could start with our previous post, note above. Or read a lighthearted take by a sceptic turned proponent. Digest a more scholarly article by Ingrid Bauer, the woman who has raised awareness of the idea among so-called developed countries. See a British perspective, watch an Australian DVD, peruse a website with translations into Dutch, German and Italian. And if that isn't enough scoop on poop, then the subject even has its own Wikipedia file.

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