Posters that are Good Enough to Eat

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These Farmers' Market posters look old fashioned, straight from the barn on grandpa's farm in Tennessee. But they are not.

The homespun look is created by two graphic artists, working from an old studio in Tennessee and hand printing the art on recycled paper.

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The other prints in the series feature tomato, corn, onion, raspberry, bell pepper, cabbage and eggplant.

Made with loving care, they are printed on 100% post consumer recycled kraft cardstock. Their main source is "a chlorine-free facility run by a family-owned US paper company that has been "green" for over 100 years. They use 100% clean, renewable hydroelectric energy that is produced at the mill."

The designers use salvaged equipment and re-purposed inks. In fact, much of the ink used is repurposed from large printing facilities that donate their old inks to artists.

The illustrations are original, with obvious references to vintage posters, mixed with new images. They are hand carved in wood block and lino, hand typeset with antique fonts, and hand printed.

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Photo: yeehaw

The note cards are equally enchanting, using vintage engravings. All are printed in off-white and brown inks on natural recycled paper and come with recycled kraft envelopes. There are packs of carrots, peas in pod, strawberries, trilliums and more.

There are other designs: a lot of Jack Daniels images ( this is Tennessee) as well as whimsical animals and over sized postcards with romantic messages such as "I Love You Like BISCUITS and GRAVY" and "Keep My SKILLET GOOD and GREASY."

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