Possum Death Spree

Locked within the arctic permafrost, an ancient breed of bloodthirsty possums lie dormant. But global warming is melting the ice, rousing the creatures from their deep slumber. And they're hungry.

Make that really hungry.

Or, at least, that's the premise of Possum Death Spree, the Web's first-ever carbon-neutral short film. Created by filmmakers Michael Horowitz and Gareth Smith, the gory (and very, very silly) three-part slasher flick is backed by AtomFilms Studio and entirely offset by 3 Phases Energy.

Even as the 3-minute premiere episode fades to black, the message is clear: For the love of all that is pure and holy, fight climate change. Stop killer possums from thawing out. Our lives may depend on it. :: Possum Death Spree