Portland Peak Oil Group

You live in Portland and are interested by "peak oil" (if you are not familiar with the concept, you can read this FAQ)? Lucky you! The Portland Peak Oil Group describes itself as "a grassroots group of concerned local citizens" and seems quite awesome. From its humble beginnings of a few people meeting in a pizza joint over a year ago, it has grown to a more mature state and now organize meetings every Wednesday in the dining hall of St. Francis Church in Portland. The group "generates a full month of events, from speakers and workshops to outreach and preparedness team meetings and film night." The website contains everything there is to know about the meetings, but it also has additional resources such as a peak oil bibliography & filmography, links to websites and online articles, and will soon feature a message board and a wiki. Community initiatives like this are very inspirational and remind us that working together is the best way to achieve positive change. We wish the Portland Peak Oil group the very best of luck in educating the public and working out ways to deal with peak oil.

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