Portfolio 21 - More Green Investing

Treehugger has covered the world of green investing in the past (links to our previous posts can be found below), but we've always made it very clear that we're not directly recommending that you invest your hard-earned cash into certain funds or stocks; We are not financial advisors. With that being said, lets have a look at Portfolio 21, a green mutual fund based in the US. Their website has a few Paul Hawken and Mathis Wackernagel quotes floating around (not a bad sign) and the description of the fund includes the following: "We believe that companies using sustainability principles as a core part of their business strategies are positioned to prosper in the future and can be more efficient and profitable today. Portfolio 21 concentrates on companies that have made a commitment to environmental sustainability and have demonstrated this commitment through their business strategies, practices and investments." You can read more about their sustainable investment criteria here.For a list of the fund's holdings, click here (we're not sure about all their choices, but there are many good ones), you can see some of the profiles they've made of companies they invest in here, and you can learn more about their policies regarding shareholder activism here.

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::Portfolio 21, via ::Wired