Pop!Tech Releases AntiBabel EP - Supporting Sustainable Development in Tibet.


Pop!Tech is an annual conference which 'brings together 500 visionary thinkers in the sciences, technology, business, design, the arts, education, government and culture.' Their first music release is the AntiBabel EP which features two artists from the 2006 conference. This is a musical collaboration between the Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo and the American beatbox polymath Reggie Watts and is produced by the Iranian musician Jamshied Sharifi. The project is a great example of how those many connections made during the conference can be consolidated into an amazing creation which connects cultures and musical art forms whilst also benefiting sustainable projects. '100% of the purchase price of the EP is being directed to Machik, an innovative non-profit organization promoting sustainable development and the strengthening of local communities in the Himalaya region. Funds will be used for residence space for students, safe drinking water, computers, school libraries, and solar power panels.' Andrew Zolli, the curator of Pop!Tech, says, "Yungchen and Reggie are two of the world's most original voices, and we were honored to not only foster their collaboration, but to channel the results to further promote positive global change."

In my wishes for 2007 post (which should be coming up soon) I talk about the importance of making connections and consolidating them. The need to make connections between ideas, movements, cultures and people is key to the success of a sustainable planet. Consolidating these connections is a key way to make to further connections and so it becomes a progressive cycle. I am happy to say that Pop!Tech Music has created a perfect illustration of this seemingly abstract idea. You can buy the AntiBabel EP here.::Pop!Tech