Pop!Tech Carbon Initiative: Carbon Negative Conference and Offsets for You


In addition to hosting an awesome meeting of the minds and propagating world-changing ideas, this year Pop!Tech is taking their mission even further. They've partnered up with eBay Giving Works to create the Pop!Tech Carbon Initiative, a carbon credit program that allows individuals to offset their carbon emissions by investing in one of three social development and conservation projects.

Environmental Defense has also joined the effort, and has provided a carbon calculator to help determine how many tons of CO2 your lifestyle creates each year -- the average American household checks in at about 10 tons, according the Environmental Defense -- and from there, it's up to you as to which project you want to fund: a solar-irrigation project in Benin; forest restoration in Nicaragua; or helping the Brazilian ceramics industry switch to renewable biomass fuel.


TreeHugger ponied up a households' worth of offsets to the solar-irrigation project; in addition, we're happy to be a part of Pop!Tech's investment in all of these projects. They've picked up the carbon tab equal to twice the total carbon emissions associated with all 2007 conference attendees' at the event. This continues a two-year commitment of going beyond "carbon neutrality" to "carbon negativity" at the event. And they're not just blindly buying offsets as a way to have their cake and eat it, too: "In conjunction with reducing your energy consumption and using energy more efficiently, investing in these projects will help in a small way create a better and brighter future for everyone," according to the site.

"The projects in the Pop!Tech Carbon Initiative were carefully chosen because they produce both social and environmental benefits," said Andrew Zolli, Pop!Tech's Curator. "They are part of our mission to accelerate the impact of world-changing people and ideas, and we are thrilled to support them." The listing on eBay will be up and available to the general public through the end of 2007.

Read all about Pop!Tech 2007 in our dispatches from the event, catch it live via webcast and download the talks via popcast if you missed it. Pop!Tech and ::Pop!Tech Carbon Initiative

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