Pope Says 'Respect Creation'

At a Vatican conference on climate change yesterday, the pope said that people need to "respect creation", stating that he believed it was against God's will to abuse the environment. Whatever your stance on religion, it's great when leaders talk about environmental issues, providing that they take the right stance. 85% of the world's population is religious, so if they can be influenced to become greener it would create a huge impact. However, if they have the wrong stance they can similarly do a lot of bad. There is still a worrying amount of evangelical Christian churches that believe that global warming is inevitable, and that it is the beginning of the inevitable collapse of society that comes before the second coming. If you believe that, then you probably don't bother to recycle. The next time you see a Christian sticker on the back of an SUV, you are perfectly justified in informing the owner of the Pope's view on the matter. :: The Guardian

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