Pop Quiz: Climbing Cost of Chow


Answer: B) 40%

Rising energy costs, increased use of crops for biofuels instead of food, and climactic changes have all contributed to a 40% rise in global food price since mid-2007. For countries like Haiti, where it is no uncommon for people to live on $2 a day, any increase in food prices can be devastating. And according to the U.N. "The recent outbreak of food riots is a warning sign that rising food prices could cause unrest and instability across the world, the UN's top humanitarian official said yesterday. Combined with the negative impact of climate change and soaring fuel prices, a "perfect storm" is brewing for much of the world's population, said John Holmes, the United Nations undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief co-ordinator."

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Source: CNN.com
Food Fight: "Perfect Storm" Brewing