Poor Farmers Around the World Already Coping with Climate Change (Video)

As you're likely aware, man-caused climate change is already well underway, and its impacts are being felt by individuals around the world right now. But one of the problems we have in galvanizing action to address the issue here in the US is just that: The worst impacts are being felt all around the world, and it can be hard to grasp exactly what that means. Climate change is often conceived of as an abstract blanket of generalized suffering, with the precise human impacts unclear to many. A series of brief videos called 2 Degrees Warmer tries to bring those impacts home -- the first episode examines the role climate change is already playing in the lives of South American coffee farmers, and the second reveals the suffering it's wrought for Ghanaian farmers. The first episode is above, and here's the second:

Short films like these are a great idea -- the more people see the effects of climate change up close and personal, the harder it is for them to ignore the threat it poses. Granted, these films are a little heavy-handed (not that it's not warranted, given the subject matter), but the aim is nonetheless an important one. It helps drive home the fact that the climate is changing right now, and it's affecting folks right now -- not in some distant future.

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