Poop Freeze: The "Enviromentally Friendly" Way to Deal With It


Dogs can be wonderful creatures, but they do tend to leave deposits, which in most places have to be picked up, usually in plastic bags, and then disposed of. It is often an unpleasant task; that is why we are so excited about Poop-freeze, the new way to keep the environment clean of unsightly dog poop by spraying it with something that freezes it on contact. Professional New York dog walker Ilene says "I need to be careful because of dog poop laws. POOP-FREEZE makes it real easy." Billy in St.Paul says ""Nobody likes pickin up poop but your product makes it fun. Plus it's environmentlaly friendly."


Right, Billy! It is CFC free, so we know that freezing poop and picking it up with a plastic bag, and carefully recycling the empty aerosol can will be good for the environment. A handy carrier is also available for carrying your Poop Freeze and your bagged frozen poop. ::Poop Freeze via ::product dose

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