Poll: Help Vote on the Next Double Impact Challenge!


Last week, we announced the launch of Double Impact, a new social giving and sustainability platform that let's you earn money for your favorite charity by taking simple, sustainable actions, such as biking to work, saving energy at home or using a refillable water bottle. Now, we want your help with new challenge ideas!We've partnered with Double Impact to help make your actions count that much more. Each week we'll be letting the TreeHugger community vote on new challenges (aka actions) that you want to see on Double Impact. Whichever challenge gets the most votes, will be added to the Double Impact platform! Pretty cool, right?

This week, it's all about simple actions you take around July 4th to help make your backyard cookouts or picnics more environmentally-friendly. Vote above to pick which challenge you think should be added. And let us know if you have ideas for new challenges you'd like to see in the future!

If you haven't signed-up for Double Impact yet, please do! Chances are you are already doing some of the green challenges, so signing up can put more money in the pockets of great charities!


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